Lorna Hernández is a muralist and painter from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico who has participated in prestigious Puerto Rico art events such as La Campechada, Santurce Es Ley, Libros Libres, Muraleo, Microempresarismo Urbano, Ciudad Sonido PR and Hoy Se Pinta, giving her popularity in the local art scene.  In 2012 and 2016, she participated in Miami Art Basel, one of the world’s most influential art event.  This participation earned her the selection by Mírame Siempre Magazine as one of Puerto Rico’s Top 5 Millennials of the Year 2016 in the art category. Her work has also been featured on two of Puerto Rico’s most popular newspapers, El Nuevo Dia and El Vocero, and international art/photography magazines such as The Conservatives from Miami.

We could say that Lorna’s art career started at the young age of 4, when she began doodling and painting animals, landscapes, and pretty much everything her childhood creativity could come up with.  As a teenager, her art developed when she began experimenting with different art styles such as drawing anime characters, creepy monsters, and horses, which she was particularly fond of.  Because of her love for animals, Lorna wanted to become a veterinarian, yet her life took a different turn when she got accepted in La Escuela de Artes Plásticas, Puerto Rico’s most prestigious art school.

On her first year of art school, Lorna had the opportunity to paint her first mural, instantly falling in love with big-scale art. On 2012, just one year after, she met veteran muralist “El Chan Guri” who offered her a “blank” wall during Miami Art Basel, which became her first experience to paint a mural among other international famous and aspiring muralists.  It was this experience that made her realize that murals are one of the most captivating forms of artwork and that she wanted to focus her talent on this type of art.

Throughout the years, Lorna has utilized the visibility that big-scale art offers, as the perfect opportunity to express different social messages.  She was commissioned by Corona Beer’s local marketing company to create artwork that would raise awareness about the impact and effects of plastic and trash pollution on the marine ecosystem.  The process and creation of her art pieces was displayed “live” during the Corona Sunset Festival and the Corona Surf Circuit, two of the most concurred beach festivals on the island.

Lorna Hernandez’s art can be characterized using “flowy” linework that entangles subjects into a mesmerizing float-like state, using black and white as main colors. As a spectator, you can always recognize her work because of the line yet she is not shy on changing her medium and uses watercolor, acrylic, flat colors, stencil and even charcoal or pencil for drawings. Also, she has an interest on robotic art and uses certain characteristics such as split limbs and torsos where the line playfully roams around humans or animals, coming out and back in through space voids where the line unites everything. She is extremely diverse and adapts to client’s ideas with ease. You never truly know what she will create next, which is a wonder that keeps her evolutionary interest and an experimentation on learning and expanding her skills.

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